How to Book

1) Review Our Work

You can find our favorite wedding and engagement photos in the galleries, and our most recent photos on the blog. All of the photos on this website are a great representation of our work because they are all photos of real weddings and real clients. So if you like what you see, we’ll be a great fit for your wedding!

2) Contact Us

Contact us to see if we’re available on your wedding date, and to see how we can customize a photography package that is perfect for your wedding. We’d love to hear about your wedding plans too – you can tell us about it here!

3) Let’s meet in Person

This step is optional, but as your potential photographer I’d really love to meet with you before your wedding. It’s a great chance to view all the products in the wedding packages, get some engagement photos taken, or just get to know each other so we’re comfortable working together on your wedding day. If meeting in person doesn’t work out, we could also chat on the phone or through any instant messaging system like Skype.

4) Let’s make it official!

When you decide to book us, simply fill out our quick photography agreement (either online or on paper) and pay our retainer to secure your wedding date. Payment can be made over the phone or online via credit card, or by snailmail with a check. And then you’re set – we are already excited to be a part of your wedding!