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Lindsay and Kevin’s Wisconsin Rapids Wedding

Lindsay and Kevin’s wedding was full of heartfelt surprises – from the prom photo at the reception to the release of the butterflies, to the most impressive choreographed dances I’ve seen to date.

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Wisconsin Rapids Engagement Photography – Lindsay and Kevin

It’s not everyday that you meet a couple like Lindsay and Kevin. They’ve had their wedding planned for over a year already, and the wedding is still a year away! With Lindsay at graduate school in Milwaukee and Kevin hard at work in Stevens Point, it’s no wonder that when they get together sparks fly! […]

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Stevens Point Wedding Photography – Matt and Katie

This was my last wedding of the 2008 season, and it was great to end the season on such a wonderful note. Matt and Katie had a gorgeous wedding! We had so much fun at the playground…of course on a warm Saturday afternoon it was crawling with children, but we managed to work around it. […]

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