Upper Michigan Waterfalls (September)

Yesterday I took another trip to Upper Michigan, intending on getting some photos of the waterfalls I photographed back in September (but with much more water because of the snow melt).  And I realized that I still hadn’t blogged my September photos…oops!  And I really want to blog them in order…which is why I posted some photos of Copper Peak yesterday.  So here are some more photos from my trip in September.

I really only have one photo of a waterfall to post…I ended up taking more macro photos that would make good desktop wallpapers or screensavers.  :)

Potawatomi Falls:
Potawatomi Falls


Autumn Leaf

Tree on the North Country Trail




Lake Superior shore at Little Girls Point
Lake Superior Shore at Little Girls Point

Lake Superior Shoreline

Yep, that’s me enjoying the sunset on Lake Superior!
Lake Superior Shore at Sunset

~keep smiling!

3 responses to Upper Michigan Waterfalls (September)

  1. Dave says:

    Love the B&W and the pattern of that plant!

  2. Verna Toftum says:

    Just when I thought I saw my favorite, I scrolled down further and a new favorite came up! These are so beautiful…love your eye for the simple subject, but you turn it into the extraordinary. My favorite is the last one, then the one of the roots, then the seedhead. We were to Little Girls Point many years ago, and I still have rocks (of course!) in my garden that we collected from there, or near there. Been to copper Peak too and I love the rust colored bolt picture. What an artist you are.

  3. Kim Larson says:

    Thanks Verna, I hope you are having a great Easter!