An Inspiration

I was organizing some files today and I came across some scanned photos that were taken by my great-grandmother.

When my great-grandmother (“Grandma Bee”) passed away many years ago, we found that she had saved boxes upon boxes of photos.  Most were photos of my grandpa growing up, but there were also photos of her family and travels.  By digging through the boxes I learned that she loved to travel, and she loved photography, just like me!  It was enlightening to know that she shared the same passions as I do, and I only wish she could have been here to see it!

Oakland Bay Bridge

In the early 1940’s, Grandma Bee traveled to California and took some amazing photos of what I believe are some Ford Model A’s crossing the Oakland Bay Bridge.  It still amazes me that she took these photos, because at that time they were just a bunch of cars on a bridge.  Maybe she saw it as more than that, maybe not.  But how many people today would even think of taking photos of today’s cars crossing a bridge?   And if you did, how many people 50+ years from now will think the cars look “antique” and “cool”?

Oakland Bay Bridge

I really don’t know what it is that drew me to these photos…but it always makes me smile when simple everyday things that many people take for granted become something more via a photograph.

Below is the photo I ended up enlarging to a 36-inch gallery-wrap canvas print, and for the past three years I’ve had it hanging on my office wall. Its more than just a decoration to me — it’s an inspiration!

Oakland Bay Bridge

~keep smiling!

2 responses to An Inspiration

  1. Richard says:

    That is a great story, Kim. I don’t know if you’ve been to San Francisco before but what I noticed is how different the Bay Bridge looks. In these photos, the traffic goes both directions. Nowadays there is an upper and lower deck. The upper deck goes toward SF while the bottom deck heads to Oakland.

  2. Kim Larson says:

    Thanks! I went to San Francisco about two years ago, and we did drive over the bridge. I wanted to get a similar photo, but you’re right…two levels of the bridge makes it look alot different. And I happened to only drive on the underside. Maybe next time!