PPA AN-NE Awards

Two weeks ago I was in Phoenix, AZ for the Imaging USA Conference because my website received recognition for the AN-NE Awards, a national marketing competition.  I didn’t have a chance to do much sightseeing, but I had a great time meeting many great photographers from across the country! And fortunately, I missed out on some of the -20 degree weather that Wisconsin was experiencing at the time.

Me in front of the AN-NE display:
AN-NE Award Best Website

Sunset from the hotel window:
Phoenix Hotel Sunset

And for those who have not experienced the crazy psychedelic tunnel light show in the Detroit airport:
Detroit Airport

One response to PPA AN-NE Awards

  1. Ahh… good old Detroit Airport. Been there my share of times when I lived in Michigan… I think I read that this is supposedly the prettiest thing in the entire city… It beat out other places on the list, like……………. oh wait, there wasn’t anything else pretty in Detroit that it had to beat out. lol